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I like author John Sanford’s “Prey” novels. You know, the ones that have the word “prey” in all the titles. The ones that are so difficult to remember if you’ve read or not. I like Sanford’s protagonist, Lucas Davenport. A lot. I like actor Mark Harmon, wizened team leader of N.C.I.S. fame. And I like movies.

Guess what I’m going to be recording tonight (May 2, 1012) at 2 AM, EST on the USA Channel? John Sanford’s “Certain Prey”. That’s what.

I’ll let you know what I think, later.

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(circa 2004)

I have been a fan of Patricia Cornwell’s “Kay Scarpetta” medical examiner novels for quite some time. But not anymore. In BLOW FLY, one of Cromwell’s most recent Scarpetta adventures, the series has taken a graceless nosedive into the humdrum quagmire of serial writing at its lowest form. BLOW FLY is 100% letdown, a cop-out, a masterpiece in marketing but total failure as a novel: in BLOW FLY, a long-dead Scarpetta lover — killed in one of Cromwell’s first Scarpetta novels — is suddenly not dead after all; Scarpetta’s nemesis, the horrific, hair-covered Wolfman serial killer character effortlessly escapes death row mere days before his scheduled execution; Scarpetta’s billionaire long-time gay-niece whizkid, Lucy, begins eyeballing her male partner, Rudy; Kay Scarpetta’s traditional 1st-person point of view is conspicuously missing.  Worst of all, Cornwell’s climax of BLOW FLY is matter-of-factly told to us by one of the characters, a writing technique I have never seen used before, one that left me feeling Cornwell had become as confused and bored as I was reading her novel.

No doubt BLOW FLY sets up many forthcoming best$elling Patricia Cornwell rewrites of Dr. Kay Scarpetta’s exploits, but I won’t be there to read them. Will lovers Benton and Kay get back together even after he faked his death and misled grieving Kay for years? Will Wolfman get yet another chance to sink his sharp, baby-teeth into Kay Scarpetta? Will Lucy and Rudy finally get it on?

I don’t care.

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