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Sometimes, small victories are the best kind.

As many of you know, about a year ago I became heavily involved with the free, online shoot-em-up video game, UberStrike, where my screen name is “Gray Mouser”, a fictional character introduced in 1939 by the famous science fiction author, Fritz Leiber.

It wasn’t long before — with some amount of trepidation — I joined the UberStrike Forum, a game-related “chat room” of sorts. As the year progressed, I became fascinated with a particular section of the UberStrike Forum called “Cmunity“, a special area where appointed UberStrike gamer-“WRITERS” published Uber-related articles.

I couldn’t stand it. I wanted to become a part of it. After wrangling with UberStrike’s Manager, I was quickly accepted as an official Cmunity Writer. It wasn’t long before I was promoted to Cmunity LEADER, the equivalent of Spider-Man’s boss, Jonah Jameson. Gray Mouser had suddenly become Cmunity Newsroom’s Editor-in-Chief!

Soon, word got out there was a new, 62-year old UberKid on the block.

Cmunity Writers are hot stuff, all of them volunteers and highly admired by the mostly 13-19 year old UberStrike gamers. Everyone wants to become one.

It was somewhere along this timeline that I decided I wanted to help these aspiring wannabe writers. It was time to give something back.

After much juggling and jostling, I managed to get my boss (screen name: “Lady Daga”) to agree to something I called the  [Cmunity FREELANCE] Program, a program designed to encourage these aspiring non-Cmunity Writers in a self-discovery kind of way, by giving them a taste of the real publishing world complete with rejection letters. The Cmunity FREELANCE program gives these young wannabes the chance to have their writing displayed right beside the Cmunity Writer big dogs.

This past weekend, I “accepted” the first [Cmunity FREELANCE] Program article, a small victory made larger for me by the fact that I shot and edited a YouTube video to enhance the writer’s (screen-name “Elite|Phoenix”) article. I had spent 20 years of my working career as a television editor-writer-story producer, shooting and editing all kinds of stories, but none of them as rewarding as Springs for the Win, my personal return — after 30 years — to the world of editing. It was like riding a bike once again, a bike super-powered by light years of technological editing advances.

Sometimes, small victories are the best kind.

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Tim says: Point-and-shoot games like UberStrike are not for everyone. But if you geezers out there want to join me in jump-starting your heart rate, getting those hand-eye coordination brain cell synapses firing again, and discovering that today’s international youth are pretty damned amazing after all, I invite you to get off your butts and give UberStrike a shot. The game needs more of us seniors showing these young whippersnappers a thing or two. Mac user? A free Mac App version is available in the Apple App Store.

Cya in game!


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Back in the 70s i was fascinated by MIME. Every city I visited, my then wife and I would go to city center and gawk at the talent. The following Video Curiosity was submitted by “ballisticforce”. “ballisticforce” is one of my UberStrike gamer friends, many of whom have taken it upon themselves to drag “Gray Mouser” (my in-game identity) into the current century. Just last night I was chatting to one of them who was trying to explain to me some of Google’s many features. After a while, a bell went off in my head: “Oh,” I typed. “Are you talking about that CLOUD THINGY?”

Gray Mouser is often referred to as “Mouser”, or “da Geeza”, or “Grandpa”. I’ll be telling you more about him in the near future. Gray Mouser began writing for the UberStrike community several months ago, when he was interviewed and promoted to Cmunity Writer. Since then, Mouser has been promoted once again, this time to Cmunity Leader. Basically, he is now the Perry White of the Cmunity, a group of very talented writers and artists, all of whom have become friends.

Which reminds me of a funny story.

The other day I was interviewing a young teenager in an effort to recruit a new writer who could connect with the prevalent younger demographics of the UberStrike Forum (where we all post our articles). Somewhere in our Skype text chat, I mentioned I would like him to possibly become Cmunity’s Cub Reporter — just like Jimmy Olsen!

“Who’s Jimmy Olsen?” he asked.

I was devastated.

“You know,” I prodded. “Perry White’s Daily Planet CUB REPORTER!

A few minutes passed. Then, “Who’s Perry White and what’s the Daily Planet?”

Right to the heart!

At any rate, I would REALLY like to see this Video Curiosity’s “Dubstep” dude performing these moves live. (I even like the music!)

–submitted by “ballisticforce”

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Tim says: if you’d like to submit one of your own You Tube “Video Curiosity” discoveries for consideration, use the “Contact” form at the top of the blog. Include the link and your first name only. Email addresses (if any) will not be published.

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