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Sadly, the following video portends the future of television. It is a video clip from a recent “Hawaii 5-0” television show in which the fast-food restaurant, Subway, pioneers a new and alarming approach to the continued degradation of our television viewing experience: full-blown advertisements, whose pitch lines are delivered by the actors themselves, carefully scripted and unscrupulously inserted into the show’s running dialog. It is an embarrassment to watch, and, I’m sure, an embarrassment and an additional degradation for the cast and crew who are forced to partake, which is evident when viewing the clip.

(submitted by Rich)

This new type of shameless encroachment into our personal viewing habits far exceeds the recent introduction of the visual “product placement” types of advertising cropping up nowadays in television shows and movie productions as well.

For example: on the “Fringe” Sci-Fi series (one of my favorites!)  last week, during a conversation inside a speeding vehicle, the camera lingers a bit too long on a tight shot of the actress’s finger pushing a phone button on the steering wheel.

The “NISSAN” leather-imprinted logo, clearly visible in the shot, is entirely irrelevant to the scene’s action. I suppose soon — during this type of product-insertion shot and the advent of more Subway-driven abominations —  the actors will be carrying on a scripted dialog about gas mileage, dealership incentives, and choices of additional items:

“Well, gee, Peter, while we are busy chasing down that shape shifting maniac who’s hell-bent on destroying our universe, I thought you might like to know Nissan has a super deal cooking for two days only at selected dealers for qualified buyers that lets you choose any seven of their 16 incredible accessories for ZERO down and 6 years to pay! Let’s forget about shape shifters for a few minutes, make a quick detour, and go check out that exciting new candy-apple-red Nissan pickup truck offer before heading over to Subway and checking out yet ANOTHER super deal I saw last night on Hawaii 5-0!”

Shame on you advertisers. Shame on you television networks. Shame, Shame, SHAME!

I think I’m going to puke.

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