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C&R 2004Back in 2004, illustrator Angela Fox and I self-published a children’s book entitled “Comet & the Rainbow”. The fairy tale was produced as a PowerPoint plug-and-play CD for the PC, complete with narration by yours truly.

The quality of the narration was terrible and the PowerPoint delivery mechanism failed miserably: the release of Comet & the Rainbow was considerably less than stellar. In fact, it was a virtual implosion whose event horizon was attained rather swiftly with the arrival of a particular minister’s email condemning me to burn forever in the eternal fires of Hell.

Why is that, you might ask?

Comet & the Rainbow — promoted as an “eco-planetary tale” that helps children better understand why it is a good idea to leave the ecology of Mother Earth intact — is a mixture of both science and religion. Apparently, it’s okay to be either pro-evolution or pro-creationism, but — heaven forbid! — not both. Page 1 Narration

Page 1 iBooks Screen Capture

Have I learned anything from the smell of brimstone or my attempt at melding science with religion and letting children enjoy a fairy tale for the sake of the story without having to dissect issues that don’t interest them anyhow?

Hell, no! Instead, what I did was crouch like a beast sitting in the shadows and waited a decade for technology to catch up.

Comet & the Rainbow

Rah! Good News:

Page 5 Narration

Page 5 iBooks Screen Capture

Last week, Comet & the Rainbow went live as a children’s book/fairy tale on the Apple iTunes Store, available in 60 some-odd countries. The narration audio and text resolution has been exponentially improved. Like the Namuh and the Little Green Planet, C&R has evolved. It is, truly, the best that I can make it.

Bad news for some:

To date, Apple’s iTunes’ “iBook” format is the only game in town when it comes to embedding audio files (i.e. narration) directly into an image-only page such as C&R. To my knowledge, Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, and other ePub associated publishing platforms (as opposed to Apple’s iBooks) do not yet allow such embedding. However, with that said, I am working on an Amazon version of Comet & the Rainbow that will not contain narration. Rest assured that I will once again crouch like a beast sitting in the shadows and wait for technology to catch up to the ePub arena.

Until that happens, to view this book, you must have an Apple iPad with iBooks 3 or later (free software) and iOS 5.1 or later, or any Mac (using Mavericks OS X 10.9 or greater) and iBooks 1.0 or later (free software).


Page 28 Narration

Page 28 iBooks Screen Capture

Can the Namuh avoid destroying everything worth saving on the Little Green Planet before it’s too late? Kids, parents and grandparents are encouraged to download the free iTunes Sample Book.

Even if you are not Apple equipped, maybe someone you know is. Please visit my web site and read what Comet & the Rainbow is all about. Click on the site’s “Available on iTunes” button, browse the sample pages (seen here) , read the description and learn more. Even better — if you are an Apple user — download the free iTunes Sample Book and let me know what you think.

Angela and I have spent years working on this project. Now, you’re a part of it. And if you happen to purchase Comet & the Rainbow, consider leaving a kindly review on the iTunes Store and promoting the book whenever you can. Page 45 Narration

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