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Flip Flop

(circa 1989)

The office computer where I work is a dog. It is about 20 times slower than my personal computer at home. And we won’t even talk about the work computer’s sub standard, syrup-slow dialup Internet speed, which is like pouring frozen molasses down a clogged drain and waiting for the last drip to drop. Or its 256 K of memory. I can brew a pot of coffee while waiting to see the Weather Channel’s National Radar picture. And heaven forbid if I accidentally click on the ANIMATED Doppler link. Incoming junk mail often takes up to 20 minutes to download.

I hate my computer at work.

When I get home I boot up MY computer first thing just to get into an UN-office state of mind. Zip. National Weather comes up in 2 seconds. Zap. MS Word loads instantly. Zing, zang, I’m happier than a mouse in a cheese factory.

On the other hand, I recall a time several years ago when my office computer was much, MUCH faster than my home computer. That was back when even mediocre computers cost thousands of dollars. I loved going to work. A twenty megabyte hard drive and a 12 megahertz processor waited for me every morning, a sweet mistress waiting for input. What’s not to like? Back then I hated going HOME. I rarely used my computer at home for anything other than writing. WordStar 2.0 and a 10 megabyte hard drive.

Funny how times change. Zip, zang. Flip, flop. I hate my computer at work.

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