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Feeling a lot more better now. Man, that flu or cold or whatever it was I caught a couple of weeks ago is a real terror. I think I may have gotten out and about a tad bit too early last week, though, when I managed a trip to South Hill to fetch a new set of tires. What was I thinking?

South Hill, Virginia

I gotta tell you, while I was waiting for my tires, I was introduced to the “Horseshoe Restaurant” by my Lake Gaston friend, Al Hartley. Turns out The Horseshoe Restaurant makes absolutely the best hamburger I’ve ever eaten. Evidently, most of the meat on their menu (as well as the vegetables!)  are locally-grown and — whenever possible — of the “free range” variety. Meaning, no chemicals and just about as organic as you can get. The out-of-season tomato slice topping my burger tasted like I had just plucked it from a summertime garden; same with the leafy lettuce.

Bison burgers and elk burgers are also available, a treat to look forward to during my next South Hill visit.

Maybe I’ll even take my camera along and snap some decent pictures so you can see a little bit more of that delicious burger!

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