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Tim says: I’ve been sick for the past week. That damn flu caught me by the chest and just wouldn’t let go. I coughed so much I was afraid I was gonna die. And then I was afraid I wouldn’t. It was that bad. One night I heard the phone ringing. For a lot of reasons, I refuse to have a phone in my bedroom. If I’m sleeping I’m not going to answer it anyway. That’s why they invented answering machines, right?  Whoever was calling was very persistent. Laying in bed, drenched in sweat, I dreaded the thought of getting out of bed to answer it. Eventually I figured out it wasn’t the phone in the living room ringing at all: it was my incessant wheezing with every pillow-filtered inhale. It was that bad.

But yesterday I turned the corner. Crawled out of bed. Made a cup of coffee. Peeked at the world. Drove to South Hill and bought a set of tires for my truck. Exciting stuff. When I got home I crawled back in bed and — well, here it is Friday morning and I haven’t even thought about a FRIDAY FOOD THING. So I dug this out of the archives. Added a photo. Hope you like it.

My bed is calling to me again. It has a nice, Lauren Bacall kind of voice. Low, gravelly. Sexy. Think I’ll go slip under the covers…

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I used to bake a lot more bread than I do now. Even with the bread machine, bread making is a chore. I remember joining what we called a “food co-op” way back in the late sixties, a place where various grains and organic produce were sold in bulk. I recall carrying home pound sacks of cracked wheat, coarse wheat, and unbleached white flour, as well as garbanzo beans (chick peas), whole wheat spaghetti, goat’s milk cheese and tofu. Sometimes members sold their various creations right in the rented storefront, everything from organic eggs to stained glass windows and artwork. Oftentimes an oil painting could be swapped for a 50-pound sack of rye flour or a brief visit by an enlightened co-op plumber to fix a leaky sink when lazy landlords wouldn’t. In those days it seemed everyone was anxious to help everyone else in exchange for being helped in return.

At any rate, just because I used to bake a lot more bread than I do now doesn’t mean I don’t like good, wholesome bread from time to time, even though it usually costs more in a grocery store. The other day I discovered a new (new to me, at least) Pepperidge Farm Natural Whole Grain bread called GERMAN DARK WHEAT that is absolutely outstanding. Without a doubt it comes closest to bringing to mind those dark grained co-op flavored days of yesteryear, and the friendly communal-kitchen-rich atmosphere when bread was baking in the oven and everyone was anxious to help everyone else in exchange for being helped in return.

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